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Since 1978

by Nathan Persad

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ALL I NEED IS KATE. It's nearly half past eight, I haven't got a date. The candles are lit and everything's in place, All I need is Kate. She'd be here by now, But we had a row. I should just get over it, But I don't know how. She's always on my brain, It's driving me insane. Since I met this awesome girl, I'll never be the same. Middle: Her eyes, her lips, her hair, her everything! If she were here with me, we could rent a DVD. I made a meal for two. I don't know what to do. Are you late or am I dumped? Please give me a clue! Although it's getting late, I still decide to wait. To be neurotypical! All I need is Kate.
THAT'S JUST US. Intro) My baby loves me so. She said "Pack your things and go!" She don't mean a word, This time is the third! We were meant to be. 1) Each time you leave me I cry, beleive me. Tears start to fall; next day you call. We always do this! 2) We're not a couple without our struggles, We've had a few (this much is true), But that's just us. Middle) We have a fight and then we decide we're breaking up. Don't last forever; Morning: together waking up. 3) I don't know whether it's for the better? You've had enough; I call you up: You've changed your mind. Go! 4) Please spend your future with me. Now you are seeing other men; we're back on again? We always do this!
CLEAN UP MY ACT. 1) Hey! Found out today, Scared you away, With all those foolish things I would say. Now look where it's got me. 2) Cool, just like in school. Ha! A better word's "fool". I know I broke that one golden rule, Now I'm in misery. Chorus) I'll clean up my act and get it back to how it used to be I will be sincere and make it clear how much you mean to me Middle) I thought I was the cat's miaow, But that was then and this is now. 3) Why can't you see I am gonna try to be a better man. And this time I won't blow it sky high. 4) Gee! Unveil the new me and Hopefully you'll be surprised at what you will see...
Gemini 03:19
GEMINI. Chorus) Gemini: always searching for your soulmate. Look no further: he's staring you in the face. Gemini, you haven't seen your man for so long, but he's always with you. In fact, he's singing you this song. 1) People say to me "How can someone be so calm?" I believe in love, we'll end up in each other’s arms. But it's not easy, in fact it's tormenting me. I miss you, it's true, But I'll return to you My love. 2) I can see her smile, even though I'm miles away. Her pretty eyes too, clearly they are blue, not grey. I love her, but she lives in Manchester. This is where we strolled, counting stars and holding hands.
Hello Clare 03:06
HELLO CLARE. 1) Writing a letter to somebody I love dearly, I'm feeling confident today. I hope she can read my handwriting clearly. I've no idea what to say. How I miss you, how I wish you nothing but the best. You deserve it. Until I'm able to just say it: "I love you"... You'll have to read between the lines. 2) She understands me more than any other, She's only ever nice to me. I'd like to take her home to meet my mother. I don't deserve her company. When she sings it is the sweetest sound you'll ever hear. She's the greatest. Until I'm able to just say it: "I love you"... You'll have to make do with this. End) Until I'm able to just say it: "I love you"... I think I'll start with "Hello, Clare".
I KNOW EVERYTHING 1) I should've known it from the start. You can't tear yourselves apart. What a subtle way to break my heart. Don't try to hide it. 2) Seeing you with him makes me mad. He was my friend, that's why I'm sad. No wonder I'm taking it so bad. I'll have to fight it. 3) What's this rumour that's been going 'round? You've been spotted hand in hand in town. Stop trying to play it down, I know all about it. Middle) I know everything about you both. I know everything there is to know. 4) Your secrets out now, I've been told. You both make my blood run cold. How could you be so bold? Call yourself a brother? You kept schtum so you would not hurt me, But now the veil is off and I can see. I hope you're happy for eternity. You deserve each other.
Julie 02:20
JULIE. 1) Julie. Truly, you're the only girl for me. I tried them all under the sun, but They weren't as much fun as you. 2) My Julie. Surely, you must feel the same way too? Every night it seems, I see here in my dreams Julie, I love you. 3) There are times you don't forget and The time we first met is one. 4) My Julie. Sue me if you think my love's to strong. I can't help how I feel. Please don't hit the ceiling, Julie. I love you.
Too Late 03:34
TOO LATE (BORN IN '78) "You should have been at Woodstock"; I hear it everyday. "You would have loved the Isle of Wight As well as Monterey. The problem is, my young friend, And I don't mean to be unkind, Looking at you I'd say that you were born in the wrong time". I watch film of the '60's, I bet they had such fun. I'd love to go and join them but sadly, I'm too young. It really does upset me. I know without a doubt that Life was so much better then. I really did miss out. I'll never get to see Queen live, I missed my only chance. I'll never have my passport stamped When I go to France. Too late, i was born in '78. They had Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye and Cream, Interesting clothes and the "Swinging London" scene. I don't remember Tiswas, I just make do with clips. I wish I saw the Beatles live before they had their hits. If I only came to be a little bit more soon, I could have seen The Who on stage When they still had Keith Moon, Too late. I was born in '78. Perhaps it's just nostalgia: the memories are good? Because people say those times were good, But I suppose they would. If I'd been alive back then, I wouldn't be unique; I'd just look the same as everybody on the street. At least I have a microwave and a colour TV. And things are slightly better now with race equality. It's great to be born in '78!
Hey Mark 01:56
HEY MARK. 1) Mark, This can't go on. We've chased the same girls for much too long. I say let's call it a day. It has to be that way. 2) Hey Mark, your band is cool. Is it any wonder the girls all drool over you Instead of me? Middle) I don't want to fight. I hope we're alright. 3) Mark, My time is through. There's someone waiting for me and for you, and One day you'll hear her say "Hey Mark".
STRAIGHT HAIR That's my baby over there! 1) There's a little lady called Marie-Ann; Everybody wants to be her man. Little grey boots and a summer dress. She even looks pretty when her hair is a mess. She walked up to me with a big surprise, I couldn't believe my eyes! She's got straight hair! 2) Now, I know this other woman who will bring you joy, The only problem is she looks like a boy. Her skirt is short, but her hair is too... Don't look at me, I haven't a clue. Just take my advice, and you can do no wrong: Baby? Let your hair grow LONG!!! Long hair! -MASH POTATO SECTION- 3) She looks pretty, without any doubt. Now that's what I'm talking about! Straight hair, big hair, blonde hair, dark hair, it's all good.
I THINK YOU'RE PRETTY. 1) "I think you're pretty. Would you like to go out on a date?" That's what I would say to you If I weren't so inarticulate. I can be sharp sometimes, so Why can't I say "I think you're pretty"? 2) I like your earrings. They're different every time we meet. You've got great taste in shoes. If only I had smaller feet. Did I say that out loud? What I MEANT was "I think you're pretty". Middle) Monday: I called you and then Tuesday: I tried to again. Left a dumb voicemail or ten on Wednesday. Thursday: I looked quite lovely, but no-one was around to see. Friday led to Saturday: you caught me on a bad hair day. 3) We went to a concert. We seemed to get on rather well. Are you interested in me? It is impossible to tell! Did I say something wrong? Can I start again: "I think you're pretty".


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A clever collection of 11 songs authentically & lovingly produced using vintage equipment, written, arranged & performed by Nathan, with executive producer James Tobin, that pay tribute to the great age of popular music from 1955 to 1968.

This is fun, fresh, exciting, a joy! It has humour, it has passion, it rocks like a mo-fo, it pleads for love, it says goodbye, it says hello, it has 11 pop vignettes packed with melody - you remember melody don't you?!? - that deserve & demand your attention!

Your life will be richer for owning this album!

Check out and download the tracks or grab a copy of the CD now!

Well done. You're reading this album blurb. In the interest of full disclosure, which apparently is a Confusing Legal Term that also applies to liner notes, I must tell you that I have a vested financial interest in the success of this album. The fact is, Streatham’s Nathan Persad owes me twenty quid and according to him he won't be able to pay me back until he sells five million albums.
But I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Hmm, this album looks pretty cool, but who is this Nathan Persad chap?
Nathan's music is like Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons meet Roy Wood at a party held by Freddie and the Dreamers in a house they’re looking after for Roy Orbison, while talking to the Searchers and playing poker with The Hollies and Frank Zappa. You'll be sat there comfortably listening to what you're sure is Neil Sedaka singing ELO when all of a sudden your ears get filled with the hard-rocking sounds of The Move performing a duet with Jan & Dean. Little Richard passes on a cocktail served by George Harrison, which he then offers to Buddy Holly, upsetting Fats Domino in the process, while the second-album line-up of Love play charades with Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick and Tich. Prince and The Dave Clark 5 were invited to this party but had already promised Rolf Harris they’d go to his down the street. Graham Bond and The Isley Brothers do not recall attending, even though Peter Straker’s private home movies prove not only that they did, but also that the classic line-up of Marmalade provided the entertainment.

It's a roller-coaster ride of an album, not in a “reunited-with-breakfast” sort of way, but in a “WOOOOHOOOO!!” sort of way. Go on, buy it, give it a whirl, get yourself lost in this musical extravaganza. You might just like it. I might just get my twenty quid back. We can all but live in hope.
~ Heather Wainwright


released July 21, 2008

Written, Arranged & Performed by Nathan Persad

Nathan's drum sound realised by Simon Baines

Produced by N. Persad & J. Tobin

Mastered by Mandy Parnell

Photography by Gary Keenan
Artwork by Christy, front cover lettering by J. Tobin




all rights reserved



Nathan Persad Greater London, UK

I'm Nathan from The Persad Brothers. I write solo songs and record solo albums.
Please check gigs page regularly, but most of all, please buy my albums and singles!

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